An old post....

For some reason, I was reading an old post that I wrote back in 2011 and thought I would share it with those that read my blog today.

It was entitled, 'Who has the Power?'

I'm the type of person who finds logic very comforting. I need to know all the 'why's before I can truly understand the whole picture. For example, back in the dark ages when I went to college, my biology teacher couldn't tell me 'why' a cell decides to divide--I was just suppose to accept that it does. Well, that wasn't happening and I didn't do well in the class. [Of course, later on, when they invented microscopes that could look inside a cell, they found that there was, indeed, rhyme and reason for what a cell does. *insert 'I was right' dance here*]

Of course, sometimes, the logic thing can take my brain on tangents that are better left untaken. One example is our juvenile next-door-neighbor. I wondered how my calling the noise control people on him affects his wife. Does he take it out on her by yelling at her? Does he make the house walk on eggshells because nobody knows what to say? But then, I realized that I shouldn't have that much power over his life and he's a fool if he gave it to me!

And I think about the silly person with the 30-year grudge I posted about earlier. Why is she letting me affect her after all this time? I k now I'm good, but didn't know I was THAT good!!

I think about someone I know that wants me to tip-toe around and never get loud because, in their far, far away past, somebody yelled at them and made them feel bad. Sorry, kiddo, being loud sometimes is who I am. Our family gets loud. That's who we are. You need to deal with it. Why are you letting someone who is probably dead (or, at the very least, not even aware of their impact) have power over you a half a world away and several decades later? I don't want to be able to make you feel bad by reminding you of someone in your past. Nobody should have that much power.

So for all those people whose lives are governed by the words and deed of others, I say, Life is about choices. 

Choose to believe that God loves you exactly the way He made you.
Accept that you are worthy of respect and love simply because you're breathing.
Choose to overlook other folk's imperfections if you want them to overlook yours.
Quit letting other people decide if you are going to be happy. No one should be able to make that decision but you.
Decide to be happy every morning!


diane b said...

Sometimes its hard but you are right.

Wandering Wren said...

Isn't it great when you look back at old posts?! I love it also when they are as relevant as when they are written. Some wise words and thoughts here. But just for the giggle I was sat next to a person just off to Bhutan to volunteer on a flight last year, and we got talking about Bhutan being often talked about as the worlds most happiest country. I said like you, I find my happiness by looking inside of me. He replied well if you have to look for happiness are you trully happy?! Oh Blimey I though that's a bit deep! Yes! I replied, but it did make me think!!
Have a happy weekend :)
Wren x

Cloudia said...

Thank you for the thoughtful post

The Yum List said...

It's a logical theory but harder said than done. I like William Glasser's Choice Theory - he says that behaviour is divided into four quadrants: feelings; physiological response; what you say and what you do. You can't change the first two, but you can decide what you say and what you do and this will in turn change your emotions and how your body reacts.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I like what Yum List said and while in theory not letting what someone says bother you is a good approach to life sometimes it does. When someone says something to hurt me whether intentionally or unintentional. I always try to give them a benefit of doubt. I also realize that often times festering over what someone did only effect me and not the other person because they have often moved on and maybe don't realize the impact of what they said or did and so in this case forgivess is necessary to maybe move on.

Being able to move on though often takes a person with maturity and self confidence. Why it may impact others more is they lack the confidence in themselves or self love.

Pat Tillett said...

This was certainly worth re-posting. It really got me to thinking.
Here is a couple of the many things my granny told us:

Don't ever give anybody else the power to control how you feel.

Holding a grudge is a terrible investment of time. There is absolutely zero chance that it will pay off for you.